The goal of Illumineati is very simple: to allow talented chefs from Tampa Bay and beyond to cook great, interesting, creative meals for an audience of adventurous and open-minded diners.

Illumineati is a secret dining society, with rotating venue, chef, and cuisine. Everything about the dinner is kept a secret until the guests arrive. The chef and the dishes are not known until the dinner begins. The location is only revealed to ticket holders 48 hours ahead of the dinner. Our secret dinner may happen inside of a restaurant, outside of normal hours. It may happen in the basement of an abandoned warehouse. It may happen in someone’s home. We are open-minded that way. The only thing we care about is that the food is good, and the alcohol is flowing.

Illumineati is a dining experience. There is no menu. We bring a chef to you who will make all of your choices for the evening. If you have dietary restrictions or food allergies, are vegetarian or vegan, have an objection to meat cooked medium rare, are pregnant, or salt sensitive: this is probably not the dinner for you.

Don’t expect white glove service. Don’t ask for your sauce on the side. Just come and enjoy!



The evening will begin with a cocktail hour at 4pm, followed by dinner from 5-9pm. The location for the dinner will be e-mailed to all ticket holders 48 hours before the scheduled dinner. Otherwise, make plans to be somewhere within Tampa Bay at that date and time! Tickets to this event are $75 each, and include gratuity. Please note that ticket sales are final.

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